aMUSEing Tales
AmuseING Tales

Fantastic Books Publishing’s International Children’s Short Story Anthology 2013 is called ‘aMUSEing’.
Our heartiest congratulations to the cash prize winners;

In 4th place, winning £15 is John D Slater for his story – Natasha’s Magic Clock

In 3rd place, winning £25 is Patricia Crumpler for her story – The Mermaid Beauty Contest

In 2nd place, winning £50 is Sara Barnard for her story – Michaela of the Sea

And in 1st place, winning our grand prize of £100 is…

Nuzhat Anwar and her story ‘My Friend Hatuk’ – Congratulations! Your story touched us and is an inspirational tale of friendship, integrity and loyalty. Well done!

Michaela of the Sea by Sara Barnard
Pete in Boots by Katy Huth Jones
The Bully by Stirling Davenport
The Mermaid Beauty Contest by Patricia Crumpler
The Prince of Jellyfish Spit by Patricia Crumpler
My Friend Hatuk by Nuzhat Anwar
Myths by Susan Kite
Canes by Peter Ford
Natasha’s Magic Clock by John D Slater
The Seven Sisters by Patricia Crumpler

Congratulations! All of the above stories will be published alongside stories by professional writers Boris Glikman and Heather Maisner. Well done!


Fantastic Books Publishing’s International Charity Science Fiction/Fantasy Winners’ Anthology 2012 is potentially one of the longest ebook titles on the market, which is why we shortened it to ‘Fusion’.

We ran a competition to find the best and brightest new science fiction and fantasy short story writers from around the world.

At first we were unsure as to which charity to choose. Then we found the WCRF.

The World Cancer Research Fund (Registered Charity Number – 1000739) does sterling work in the fields of cancer prevention and has a global reach.

An amazing collection of entries then started to flood in. From dragons, ghosts and demonic possession to robots gone wild, post apocalyptic tales of survival and a deep future take on eternal love, we loved them all.

We then had to begin the exciting, though heart breaking process of creating the winners anthology. Exciting because we love the genres and had a wonderful time reading the stories out loud to the team and watching the scuffles in the office break out about which was best and why, heart breaking because we couldn’t possibly include all of the stories, even though most had passed our stringent editorial procedures with flying colours.

Decisions were eventually made and the winners contacted

During the editorial process it is usual to find the publisher sitting in a dark corner, gently rocking whilst sobbing into the umpteenth draft of a script. This is usually magnified when dealing with an anthology of 25 talented contributors, all wishing their work to be as polished and perfect as they can make it, ‘is it too late to change…?’ and ‘I wonder if I might rewrite the whole thing…?’ being examples of words to haunt a publisher on a deadline.

Well, with the Fusion gang there was not a bit of it. Every single one of them was courteous, helpful, constructive and a real pleasure to work with. And talk about hitting deadlines! They didn’t miss a beat.

For this we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.

The overall winner was ‘Tam and the Giantess’, by Katy Huth Jones, who won £100, a place in the anthology and a special place in our editors’ hearts with her beautifully painted tale of magic and loyalty.

Second place went to Denise Hayes for her story, ‘Bar Code’, an expertly woven tale of controlled relationships and whispered freedom. She also won £50 and, of course, a place in the anthology.

Our third cash winner was Leonie Ewing for her story, ‘Infinite Maze’, which electrified our editorial department as some of them were physicists and mathematicians in previous lives and applauded the authenticity of this incredible tale. Leonie won £25 and a place in the anthology.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of the remaining contributors

John Hoggard, Drew Wagar, Polly Robinson, Jonny Rowland, David K. Paterson, Thomas Pitts, Natalie Kleinman, Dawn Hudd, Peter Ford, Walt Pilcher, John-Paul Cleary, Peter Holz, Apeksha Harsh, Brad Greenwood, Joanna Vandenbring, Sarah Cuming and Celia Coyne.

And let us not forget the two stories from our professional contributors Stuart Aken and Danuta Reah.

Stuart ignited our passions with ‘Rebirth’, a beautiful tale of romance and eternal love.

About Stuart: Born, against the odds, to a widowed artist, in a neighbour’s bed. Husband, father, novelist, short story wrangler, agnostic, romantic open-minded radical liberal, sometimes dangerous to know. Find Stuart, and his writing, the only place he ever lies and which, after love, remains his raison dêtre, at

Danuta scared the pants off us with her dark story of boyhood fantasy turned reality in ‘The Trouble with Dragons’.

About Danuta: Danuta Reah who also writes as Carla Banks has published seven novels and several short stories. In 2005, she won the Crime Writers’ Association Short Story Dagger for her story ‘No Flies on Frank’. Her latest book, ‘Not Safe’, a novella, explores the dangers facing asylum seekers in a South Yorkshire city. Visit her website at;

And remember, all sales of Fusion contribute 10% to the WCRF so please help us spread the word and with it the reputations of these incredibly talented individuals who all deserve to be recognised for what they are, FANTASTIC WRITERS!